Hebron Band Booster Club


The mission of the Hebron Band Booster Club is to continually support the students, directors and families of the Hebron High School Band in their goal to achieve the highest standards of music education and music performance; facilitate the musical enrichment of the student membership of Hebron High and its feeder schools; promote the place and value of music in our community and the significant role music plays in the cultural, intellectual, and social lives of our children; and foster fellowship and goodwill among its members and provide its membership with opportunities for personal growth and leadership.

Why A Band Booster Club?

  • to help the band department with faster financial turns, and fewer complications than LISD accounting
  • to generate extra funds for band programs, supplies, and equipment not provided for in the LISD budget
  • to assist the school district with the administration of private lesson accounting

What's In It For My Band Student And Me?

HBBC helps replace the void created by recent budget cuts. Your support directly supports your local band. HBBC funds help provide for band equipment, awards and entry fees, water and refreshments for the students, transportation to competitions, and clinicians to broaden your child's band experience. Now is the time for all parents to get involved: to improve our children's music programs today, and plan for the music programs of tomorrow.

Why Include Middle Schools In HBBC?

All private lesson scholarships are paid by HBBC to private lesson teachers. Some middle schools in the LISD system have their own booster clubs, but most are administered through the cluster high school. We achieve efficiencies in band bookkeeping and banking by combining the middle school and high school booster clubs. Families with students in both middle school and high school need join only one booster club. Fundraising can be coordinated centrally so that individual schools do not directly compete for funds.

How We're Organized

All sections have a coordinator (section parent) to organize section events and be available to the kids and parents of their section.